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Pet-X: Printing experiment by IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs


IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs is located in a former steel factory in Rotterdam-Zuid. To create more working space, they came up with the idea of designing a meeting space in the form of a pavilion on top of the crane tracks that characterize the old warehouse. That was the starting point for a quest to find a unique form, which needed to be self-supporting and as light as possible. Together with TU Delft, IMd and Ector Hoogstad Architects developed a parametric process to determine the optimal shape of the pavilion.

In a series of 5 videos, IMd leads you through the development process of this unique experiment. The series consists of 5 episodes published successively on this website:

Episode 1 - Design Concept (published in May)

Episode 2 - Technical Design (published in June)

Episode 3 - Production (published in July)

Episode 4 - Construction (published in September)

Episode 5 - Review & Outlook (published in February 2024)

Final documentary (published in June 2024)

Final documentary

The Pet-X video series is summarised in a special final documentary. From initial design to final evaluation, follow the team from IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Ector Hoogstad Architecten, TU Delft and Nagami as they explore the boundaries of design, sustainability and technology. With inspiring insights and challenging discoveries, "Pet-X: An experiment in innovation" offers a fascinating look at the potential of advanced technologies to transform the construction industry and discover how this experiment opens the way to a new generation of sustainable architectural solutions.

Episode 5 - Review & Outlook

Now that the Pet-X pavilion has taken its place in the IMd office, in this fifth episode we look back at the experiences and lessons learned, together with the team from IMd and Nagami. With revisions to the original concept and challenging discoveries during the printing process, it was a learning adventure. The continuous search for the optimal shape combined with the unique challenges of 3D printing at this scale led to ongoing insights. Which crucial lessons we learnt you will see in this fifth episode.

Episode 4 - Construction

In the fourth episode of the video series on the Pet-X experiment, we see how a team from IMd together with the team from Nagami, build the pavilion in just a few days in Rotterdam. Pim Peters, partner at IMd, explains how this experiment puts theory and practice to the test and therewith contributes to researching the potential of 3D printing for constructing architectural structures.

Episode 3 - Production

The third episode of the video series on the Pet-X experiment addresses the big question: how will the Pet-X pavilion be printed?
Nagami, who is responsible for the printing, faced major challenges, which derived from the large size of the object as well as its webbed and organic double-curved shape. To produce this complex and tall PET-X structure, Nagami had to create new workflows that did not yet exist in 3D printing.

Episode 2 - Technical design

In the second episode, Remko Wiltjer and Dennis Rietdijk of IMd take you through the process of how the actual shape and dimensions of the pavilion were determined. In this process, Peter Eigenraam of TU Delft explains the parametric model, in which force transfer, acoustics and various external factors, including temperature and point loads, were tested and the optimal shape was found.

Episode 1 - Design concept

In the first episode, Remko Wiltjer of IMd and Joost Ector of EHA introduce the design concept of the pavilion and share the challenges involved in this experiment.

Teaser episode 1 - Design concept

Sneak preview of the first episode of the Pet-X video series.

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