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Complex production of Pet-X leads to design optimizations

The third episode of the video series on the Pet-X experiment addresses the big question: how will the Pet-X pavilion be printed?

Nagami, who is responsible for the printing, faced major challenges, which derived from the large size of the object as well as its webbed and organic double-curved shape. To produce this complex and tall PET-X structure, Nagami had to create new workflows that did not yet exist in 3D printing. After months of testing, together with IMd, they optimized the design to better control temperature fluctuations, reduce printing time and, most importantly, save material.

“Projects like the PET-X demonstrate new applications for plastic materials, and especially for recycled plastic, which deliver new structural design possibilities and can help reduce the plastic waste flow.”

In a series of 5 videos, IMd shares the development process of this unique print experiment. Watch the third episode about the production now on this website.

Watch episode 3 here:


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