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Pet-X pavilion arrived in Rotterdam

After years of designing, researching, and manufacturing the components of the pavilion in Spain have been transported to Rotterdam. In the fourth episode of the video series on the Pet-X experiment, we witness how a team from IMd, led by Dirk-Jan Kortman, project leader at IMd, together with the team from Nagami, build the pavilion from elements in just a few days. Pim Peters, partner at IMd, explains how this experiment puts theory and practice to the test and therewith contributes to researching the potential of 3D printing for constructing architectural structures.

“The actual art of construction is not just the calculation of structures themselves. The actual challenge lies in the step before and after. Not looking how to do things, but how to do them better. Or more sustainable.” - Remko Wiltjer, IMd

In a series of 5 videos, IMd shares the development process of this unique print experiment. Watch the third episode about the production now on this website.

Watch episode 4 here:


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