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First episode Pet-x: Concept Design

IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs is located in a former steel factory in Rotterdam-Zuid. To create more workspace, they were inspired to design a meeting space in the form of a pavilion on top of the crane tracks that characterize the old warehouse. That was the starting point for a quest to find a unique form, which needed to be self-supporting and as light as possible. Together with TU Delft, IMd and Ector Hoogstad Architects developed a parametric process to determine the optimal shape of the pavilion.

In a series of 5 videos, IMd leads you through the development process of this unique experiment. In the first episode of the Pet-X series, Remko Wiltjer of IMd and Joost Ector of EHA introduce the design concept of the pavilion and share the challenges involved in this experiment.

Watch episode 1 now:


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