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Parametric model leads to optimal shape of Pet-X pavilion

In the second episode of the series on the Pet-X printing experiment, Remko Wiltjer and Dennis Rietdijk of IMd take you deeper into the process of how the actual shape and dimensions of the self-supporting and 3D printed pavilion were determined. In which force transmission, room acoustics and other external factors such as temperature and point loads were taken into account.

Peter Eigenraam, an engineer at TU Delft, explains the parametric model he developed with IMd, which involved testing several variants and performing a shape-finding task. Analysis of this parametric model combined with research into the material through tests on various print samples, ultimately led to the optimal shape of the pavilion.

In a series of 5 videos, IMd shares the development process of this unique print experiment. Watch the second episode about the technical design now on this website.

Watch episode 2 here:


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